About LJP iT

Welcome to LJP iT, where we are committed to providing professional IT service. LJP iT offers software and services that help companies improve the management and control of their documents, records, and administrative processes.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve a painless and successful transition to a paperless environment for their workplace. We offer superior service and support, along with a knowledgeable staff. LJP iT’s consulting services include records management and business process management consulting.

Benefits of choosing LJP iT:

About Laurie

Laurie started LJP iT in the spring of 2012. She has been helping to provide IT services for about 20 years. Laurie has the education and experience working as a systems administrator and network analyst for different organizations. She offers onsite and offsite assistance for various situations and occasions. Contact Laurie for personal or business support.